Your first floating experience

Our team thought about every detail during the floating procedure.
Music, room temperature, duration of session – every detail is organized to give you maximum benefit and satisfaction.

The floating session occurs in a tank filled with Epsom salt solution, 30 cm deep, the temperature inside the capsule is proportional to the body temperature, in the conditions of sensory deprivation that you enter after a brief but detailed instruction.

Below is a short reminder that will help you get the most out of the float:

1. Take a shower.

2. Dry your face and hair with a towel.

3. Put in your ear plugs.

4. If you have long hair, we recommend that you wear a bathing cap.

5. Enter the floatation tank, making sure to hold on to the handles at the sides.

6. Carefully, without splashing, lower yourself into the water. Lay down with your head nearest the controls for light and music.

7. To enjoy the full experience of sensory deprivation, we recommend you turn off the music and lights. Enjoy the silence, calmness, and feeling of weightlessness. Free your consciousness. Allow pleasant thoughts and memories to come into your mind.

8. If you have feelings of anxiety due to the darkness or the enclosed space, turn on the lights and music.

9. If you feel an itch on your face, or if a drop of salty water falls into your eye, then rather than using your hands, spray your face with the spray bottle provided, then wipe it with a towel.

10. If you start to feel unwell or as if you can’t get out of water on your own, push the assistance button, located on the right near your face, and one of our specialists will come in and help you.

11. At the end of your session, music will start to play automatically. Carefully, making sure to use the handles, straighten up, open the door of a floatation tank, wipe the salt water from your body and get into the shower cabin.

12. Take a shower and dry your hair with a hair dryer.

Restriction measures:
It is necessary to consult your doctor in case you have a heart issues or problems with the kidneys, breathing problems (asthma, lung emphysema).

It is necessary to refrain from floating if a person has suicidal syndrome, skin diseases, open wounds, infections (hepatitis, flu…), ear infections or cramps of the mucous membrane … Hemorrhage during pregnancy, epilepsy or serious mental disorder, under the influence of alcohol or narcotics and in the time of menstrual bleeding.