What to expect from floating?

This question that every person asks before coming to the procedure with an unusual name.

There are indications of what will happen — entering the solution of English salt, isolation from external irritant factors. But what are you supposed to do?

— Lying without moving?

— Moving, swimming?

— Thinking about the problems?

— Do not think about anything?

— How to make yourself relax?

— What will you feel?

Floating is unique for its properties and effects during the procedure, so there is no unambiguous answer to these questions. There is a base floating effect that arises without your active participation. It represents relaxation, recovery, stress removal, pain relief, comfortable and easy feelings in the entire body … But there is a unique only your effect, feeling and understanding that will come to you after the first session, after second or third.

For someone, floating will be more of a physical procedure – all processes will take place at the physical level, for someone this procedure will be psycho-emotional, someone will feel both.

One thing is certain, floating restores the inner unity and balance of the wonderful physical and emotional state of mind of a person. What is most appealing is that a large part of the process takes place with passive participation, you do not have to do anything.

This is probably the answer to what to do while floating. Nothing. You do not even want to do anything. And everything you want to do – the body will feel itself, whether it will move or lie without movement, and the mind will think or rest from thoughts. Do not resist, listen to inner desires and feelings.

The only thing you should not do is to dip your face in salt water – it’s not the most pleasant feeling. The first session will open the door to your inner world.

And so, welcome, your inner cosmos is awaiting you!