Interesting facts

Floating is very popular all over the world.

The first floating tank was created in the 1950’ and it was conceived by Dr. John C. Lilly, a psychotherapist, a neuropsychiatric scientist.

He studied the states of consciousness and developed special methods. The experience of sensory deprivation is a relaxation in total darkness, silence, neutral temperature, and gives a feeling of excitement.

Floating leads to a relaxation of 90% of the central nervous system and leads to a balance in the body. Modern flotation tanks are made for all users and it is a relief for people who have claustrophobia or fear of the dark and small spaces. Tanks are designed to allow the user to control his relaxation, have a door that can be opened or closed, special control panels so that the user can adjust the music and light himself.

The feeling that comes through the float is perceived as floating in the universe.

In Germany, there is about 200 float centers that allow their users this unique and beautiful way for relaxation. Since floating is very popular and widespread around the world, prices range for 50 euros per hour and more.

We will exclude a few interesting floating centers:

* Salzlounge Berlin

* float Hamburg

* Float spa

Float therapy in Russia became very popular too not so while ago. A lot of satisfied clients that share their experience with others with great enthusiasm and excitement. FLoat therapy is useful for everyone. And here are some centers that you might like:

* Float studio

* Grand Float

* Free float center

First flotation tanks were invented by American neuropsychiatric, psychologist and writer John C. Lilly in mid 50’s in 20th century.Thanks to various tests and scientific research, floating has become popular in the early 1980s when positive effects were identified. Today, float tanks are popular in wellness and spa centers, among fitness centers and hospitals, and prices range from $ 90 per hour of float.

* Urban Float

* Petrichor Float

* Infinity Float

Famous people that experienced floating:

John Lennon

He said that floating helped him fight heroin addiction in 1979. He described how this feeling during floating helped him to raise his state of mind without fear and negative and dangerous effects.

Anthony Bourdain

After only an hour of floating, I would feel more relaxed, the feeling in my back was incredible,I was in excellent condition for interacting with people outside the restaurant. It’s interesting that after a day or two of floating I noticed how the taste and smell improved and became more intense. Red was redder, blue brighter, and the taste of food was more explosive. Lying in the tank I felt like I was floating in the universe, and my brain was talking in an unknown language.

Jeff Bridges

The famous actor is meditating on daily basis and was a good friend of founder of floating tank Dr. John C. Lilly, we can say that the famous actor and singer were one of the first people to test the floating tank in 1970.

The Simpsons

In one episode of this well-known animation series, Homer and Lisa visit the float center to try out floating.