Gift certificate

Give a unique and unusual birthday present, anniversary or special holiday gift! Deliver a session of complete physical and mental relaxation fot the soul and body in the place without gravitay – the floating session gives you the feeling of being in your mother’s stomach.

Because of our daily obligations, we rarely find free time for ourselves. For resting, enjoying in moments, to get away from anxiety, such as stress, fatigue, and nervousness. Relax and start working on development of creative ideas to continue productive work. An unbelievable opportunity to get away from the city crowd in to a world without gravity, joy, and imagination. Floating will provide you with a deep relaxation of consciousness and body, renew your senses, eliminate stress, supplement your energy for new life achievements.

Why is it practical:
After one hour of floating you have the feeling that you have had 3 hours of high quality sleep, Endorfinotherapy – the hormone of happiness overtakes your body and mind, the Epsom salt solution is very pleasant to the skin and joints. You can achieve complete sensory deprivation in order to stimulate rejuvenation or to choose to relax in a nongravitational atmosphere with your favorite music. Relax yourself or handsel a floating session to your closest friend, familly member or a spouse. Show them that you care about their health and want them to be healthy and relaxed. floating is a method of relaxation, stress relief and power recovery for 60 minutes. You can relax your muscles and joints and mind out for an 1 hour. Floating offers a deep relaxation, which positively influences physical and psychophysical health. We are expecting you! Come on and feel deep relaxation and fill yourself new energy!

You can buy a gift certificate in case you want to surprise a close person, friend or colleag. Want to maintain good energy and productivity among your colleagues and employees? Surprise your companions with a gift certificate and establish a positive and pleasant atmosphere in your working environment with relaxed and happy colleagues. You can make a payment via the site or come to our studio, and we will send you a certificate on your mail. You can make a payment by accessing the SHOP option and the certificate will be forwarded to you.

You can always order a gift certificate for your loved ones. Anniversary, birthday, free day, holiday. Show love.