What is Floating?

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Floating will provide you relaxation at a new level . Do you need a rest and a peaceful moment for yourself? Be sure you have found the place where you can discover your own universe, a new technology for relaxation also stress relief and everyday life.

Try a completely new experience of relaxing in your own space, without artificial light and sounds that would disturb your relaxation. Give your body a deserved rest and experience a sensational experience after floating.

Find out why exactly this experience is powerful  and unique for every user.

Why is it recommended?

Entering into deep mental and physical relaxation, allows your mind to ‘restart’ and rest, to connect with new energy. Therefore you give your body and muscles complete relaxation.

Known as REST (Restricted Environmental Stimulation Technique) or sensory deprivation meant for personal development and healing.

Effects of flotation:

  • Effects of flotation:

  • removing stress and anxiety;

  • developing creative abilities, imagination and memory;

  • improving self-psychoanalysis;

  • improving physical health and mood (the amount of endorphins in the body increases several times during flotation); 

  • harmonization of the work of the brain hemispheres, increasing work ability;

  • normalization of sleep patterns;

  • relaxing the muscles and removing stress from the spine and joints through artificial weightlessness in a 40% Epsom salt solution at a temperature of 35 degrees Celsius;

  • Epsom salt, or magnesium sulphate, has a positive effect on the skin, is easily absorbed through the skin, supplementing the body with required magnesium. 

Improves creativity, which is a mutual experience for everyone who floats. As a result, you are able to find solutions to your problems and create new ideas. You get inspiration, use floating as meditation and find inner peace, achieving a higher degree of focus and awareness.

Depending of whether you are thinking of something or not thinking at all while float and enjoy this experience, you will come out reborn and ready for the outside world.

While mind moves into a deeper state of consciousness, positive physical changes occur in the body.

Blood pressure is normal because the body is in a state of relaxation and not under tension, depending on whether you have muscle, neck or back pain, be sure that floating will be more than convenient for your physical condition.

While you float:

In the water there is Epsom salt, or magnesium sulphate. It has a very beneficial effect on the skin, muscles, removes toxins, relieves pain. As magnesium itself has many roles in the body, it can be absorbed through the skin too. In combination with water while relaxing, it works by calming and relieving knuckles  and muscle pain, reducing pain caused by exhaustion due to sports activities, reducing stress, cleansing skin and pores, affecting better sleep and rest.

This popular bitter salt is known for the reason it has healing characteristics in treating various types of diseases. Mineral is enriched with magnesium and sulfates, which are also the main ingredients of salt. It apsorbs through the skin and preforms many vital functions in the body.

Magnesium relieves inflammations, helps the nervous system function, prevents clogging of the arteries and relaxes the muscles.

Sulphates relieve pain in the head and remove migraines and eliminate toxins from the body. First of all, Epsom salt is used to relieve pain in the knuckles  and muscles and is often recommended to athletes because it relieves the pain caused by discomfort and exhaustion.


Epsom salt

Research confirms that Epsom salt has a beneficial effect on our mood and increases the level of energy, positively affecting on better sleeping. It accelerates wound healing, removes migraines and treats respiratory tract diseases, stimulates circulation.

This natural mineral is a blood vessel guard, improves the work of the heart muscle and stimulates circulation.

It is used to remove toxins from the body, and is recommended for people who are giving up on alcohol, narcotics and cigarettes.

Floating is also highly recommended for women during pregnancy. Floating in pregnancy provides emotional stability, relieves back and muscle pain, and reduces swelling. Feel free and weightless  and connect with your baby in a beautiful and intimate way.

Floating is the tenet of sensory deprivation that provides a gentle and relaxing state of consciousness which is under the control of anyone who floats. Get to know of people’s experiences around the world, expand and purify your senses and open a new door of perception

The Epsom salt is dissolved in water at a temperature of 35 degrees. This temperature allows the salt to be absorbed finely into the skin.

After each session, dilution passes trough mechanical and UV filters and cleansing is happening trough active oxygen.


Consult with your doctor before getting in Epsom salt, it may lead to the occurrence of side effects.

  • Not recommended for people who suffer from diabetes, heart conditions, and high blood pressure.
  • Not recommended if you suffer from skin irritations or have wounds.
  • Not recommended for people who suffer from kidney disease or epilepsy .