Floating around the world

Floating is very popular around the world, and this kind of relaxation has many fans. More and more people in the world suffer from stress, depression and everyday struggle with problems. This popular way of relaxing changes us physically so that we can start looking at the world better and helps us deal with ourselves. To better understand our thoughts and get rid of everything that presses us every day.

In Germany, there are for aproximately 200 spa centers and centers that allow their users to relax in this beautiful and unique way. Since the service is very popular and widespread, prices range from 50 euros per hour to more. As there are many of them, we will exclude a few interesting ones:

* Salzlounge Berlin


* float Hamburg


* Float spa


Floating in Russia has also become very popular. Many satisfied users who are always returning and sharing their experiences with the world with great enthusiasm and excitement, there are many popular floating locations, but we will mark a few of them:

* Float studio


* Grand Float


* Free float center


As the first place where the tank was made and tested in the mid 50’s, the first floating capsule is from the USA. The inventor of the first floating capsule was American neuropsychiatrist, psychologist and writer John C. Lilly.
Thanks to various tests and scientific research, floating has become popular in the early 1980s when positive effects were identified. Floating capsules can be found today in most spa centers, hospitals, fitness centers, and prices range from $ 90 per hour of floating. But olso as there are many of them eather, we exlude some of them:

* Urban Float


* Petrichor Float


* Infinity Float