Birthday discount

Is your birthday or some of your closest friends or family soon?

We have prepared a perfect birthday present for you! Use a special opportunity for a period of 11 happy days (5 days before and 5 days after birthday)! The discount will be a proportionate amount of years you are celebrating/

Discount = your birthday!

Your birthday is a special occasion to accept new and positive changes in your life. And the best way to celebrate them is 1 hour of physical and mental relaxation. Experience and develop new and creative ideas, remove all dillemas, rest your body from physical pressure, take a short break from the stress and dedicate yourself to the personal development of inner harmony and balance.

Make birthday resolutions!
Change your everyday life and dedicate yourself to yourself. In the pleasant and warm solution of Epsom salt with the endorphin rush, listen to your desire and ambitions, through positive thoughts and visualization, eliminate the concerns and obstacles. Stay with your consciousness and revitalize your spirit and body.