Possible Additions to Your Session
Music in the darkness – Do you have a favourite kind of music? A favourite artist or singer?

You’ve probably heard about restaurants where people dine in complete darkness? Perhaps this will be similar …?
You might think you know your favourite music inside out, you’ve listened to it so often that you know each moment by heart …

That may be so, but when you are lying on the surface of a warm, motionless lake in absolute darkness, your brain turns off a set of monitoring functions, leaving it open to new ways of perceiving. Music you
thought you knew well brings entirely new impressions and sensations.

You start to hear the voice and melodies of your favourite artist not only with your ears but with your whole body through the vibrations of the warm water. In absolute darkness your consciousness will present your favourite music in the most improbable images, colours and forms. In a way, you are making your very own music “video”

Bring along a recording of your favourite music on a USB memory stick or on your phone and spend your floatation session immersed in new and unforgettable impressions. You used to only listen to your favourite music, now you can see it.