Escape From Reality. Time Stands Still
Length of session – 2 hours, 30 minutes.

  1. A relaxing massage (approximately. 45 minutes) on an automated massage bed. Eight warm jade rollers gently straighten out your spine and fill your whole body with a feeling of warmth.
    Your back muscles relax while getting a tone-up. Problems and worries start to melt away even after this first stage of your session, allowing for the continuation to bring pleasure and comfort.
  2. Floatation. You are transported to the only place in the world where you can feel the limitlessness of space and the absence of time, a place where you are partially free from gravity and other earthly sensations. Released energy from your physical body can now be given to your inner healing and harmony. Don’t be surprised if at this time decisions that were difficult to make come easily, or if you start to perceive and understand things you had never even considered before. All the while, as you forget about earthly time, your body floats in a magnesium salt solution (beneficial to the joints and rejuvenating for the skin) whispering its gratitude to you.
  3. Return to reality. Shower
  4. Tea, coffee, nuts, Rakia (Serbian fruit liqueur), confectionery