A Story with an Introduction Written by You
Length of session – 2 hours.

  1. A brief, warming automated massage provides the introduction to your journey into the floating
    world. Warm jade rollers will settle your spine and remove tension from your back muscles,
    bringing a sense of rest to the whole body.
  2. Shower
  3. Floatation – Immersion into an atmosphere of warm weightlessness, where time moves more
    slowly, space becomes limitless and reality becomes devoid of sound. You are able to compose
    the story of your own inner universe or glance into your subconscious, recall the most pleasant
    moments of your life and send the positive energy of those recollections into your present
    reality. Many find this method of bringing the body and consciousness together helpful and
    Like many good stories, this one too has a happy ending. As you relax, as if on a cloud, in a warm
    healing Epsom salt solution, allow yourself to dream and reminisce. Perhaps you will be able to
    make decisions which will change your life for the better.
  4. Shower, fan
  5. Tea, coffee, nuts, Rakia (Serbian fruit liqueur), confectionery